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Personal Lending

*Both credit life and credit disability insurance products are pay as you go policies. The cost is added into your loan payment. Your account is billed monthly on the remaining balance. You must sign up for the coverage at the start of the loan, however you can drop the coverage at any time and only pay for the coverage used.

Real Estate Lending

Deposit Services

Electronic Services

KC's Kids Club

KC, our "Heartland Heart," invites all kids 12 and under to join KC's Kids Club. All you need to do is come in and open a savings account for $5.00 or more and you will receive dividends on your savings balance, plus you will earn KC's Pulse Points. When you earn enough Pulse Points you can come in and pick prizes from KC's Treasure Chest!


Other Convenient Services

In addition to loan, savings, and electronic services Iowa Heartland Credit Union provides the following convenient services that are available to all members:


Loan counseling/preapprovals                             Mail Transactions

Free Notary Service                                                 Telephone Transfers

Travelex Mastercard Reloadable Cards              Overdraft Transfers

Blue Book/NADA Book Vehicle Information         Payroll check cashing


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